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Anathema 5.1.3 - Templates added, Charms corrected

posted by Urs on 13. 09. 2013

Anathema 5.1.3 is ready! This latest version corrects the mechanic values for several Charms. What’s more, it adds a whopping 6 new character templates for First Age Sidereals and Dragon-Blooded, curtesy of ferrushin.

Unless you are using v5.1.0 or later, you’ll have to uninstall your current installation (save your data first!) and re-install this new version. We are sorry for the inconvenience. :-/ The new UI wouldn’t play nicely with old versions of Java, so we had to bundle a fresh one. (If you see something in the update manager, it is v5.0.2. Its sole purpose is to inform you that nothing more will come that way.)

Except for small changes and fixes like this, this will be our final release for Exalted, Second Edition, as we will concentrate on 3E from here on forward. If you want to expand the tool for the current edition, please talk to us.

Here is the full changelog.