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Character Management

It's as easy as never before. Featuring most rules and nearly every charm published, Anathema allows you to create and maintain characters on the fly.

  • Full support for Second Edition with the "Exalted 2.5" update
  • Supports Exalt splats
  • Fully graphical Charm selection
  • Optimizing calculator for Bonus Point spendings
  • Random name generator
  • "Overview" sidebar, providing all data at a glance

Series Management

With Anathema's series management module, managing your campaign is a breeze: Forget about heaps of scribbled pages, just create your plot within Anathema.

  • Plot management
  • Notekeeping

PDF Export

When your group gathers at the table, your data comes with you: Just export everything you created to PDF files and have them printed wherever the Adobe Reader is available.

  • Unique character sheets, inspired by voidstate's seminal creation
  • Novel-like series printout, complete with table of contents

Charm Cascades

Building on the Charm view you already witnessed in Character Creation, the Charm Cascades allow you to browse the database and examine the complete game statistics for all Charms published by White Wolf.

  • One gazillion Charm entries